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Outsourcing Solution makes down management fees for companies and enterprises, share recruitment, but it has still chances on competition and keeps good working environment for staff. However, there are challenges and difficulties which will motivate enterprises are flexible and give creative ideas to be and develop in competitive economy. Therefore, labor productivity and effective working are main factors which the enterprises are the most important interest and point out main purposes for organizations.

  • Supply labor demands fast for your enterprises, flexible on using human resource strategy because of fluctuation of labor resources.
  • Share recruitment working and management procedure, use other labors
  • Decrease maximum management fees
  • Be able to supply human resources are variety for Outsourcing Solution


Outsourcing Solution of Hoan Viet supplies a huge labor for you in fixed time as your business requirement. We are responsibility on recruitment which labors achieve your standard give us, train them, and always perform accounting and payment staff’s salary. Moreover, we solve problem management which relates on Outsourcing, it makes you focus on your purposes’ enterprises. We help you build up professional staff, they have been able to satisfy demands’ enterprises, you do not have to worry training policy and using labor in long-term. Our Outsourcing Solution is included:

  • Accountant Expert
  • Tele –sales / Tele – marketing
  • Stem- staff
  • Responsibility Human Resource
  • Driving
  • Tealady
  • Senior Human Resources

Hoan Viet’s Outsourcing Solution has standards as following:

  • The most potential candidates
  • The most perfect recruitment
  • Focusing on main branch and environment
  • Processing on the perfect recruitment
  • The global recruitment system
  • Minimize expenses


The Outsourcing Solution by supplying of Hoan Viet which supplies for VIP partners and they are our belief choice by professional procession, accuracy, experienced staff. Our solution makes minimum expenses and effective activities for enterprises in Viet Nam. The using outsourcing service is always smart choice, and a necessary trend for using labor of Vietnamese’s Enterprises to concentrate on development sources to catch up international orientation.

Please call us as you need and advertise our belief brand to your friends.


Address:  43 Dao Duy Anh Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC.

Phone: (84-8) 3844 8852     Fax: (84-8)  3844 9031 -  Hotline : 0907957518

Email:  hoanviet@viettel.vn   or  hoanviet97@hoanviet.com

Website: www.hoanviet.com  or www.hoanviet.com.vn


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