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This is the hygiene and safety demands for good health of human life, Hoan Viet has still improved, and developed The Professional Hygiene Services to bring comprehensive standards such as:

    1. Professional Staff
      • Equip uniform and safety clothes (included protection gloves, clothes, shoes, boots, safety helmets, face masks...)
      • Working manners: Be on time – Accuracy – Safety – Good quality - Prestige
    2. Specialized equipment
      • Achieve the prescribed standard of Department of Health, and international organization about hygiene tools
      • Ensure human ‘s safety while and after using chemical for cleaning during hygiene service
    3. The hygiene service for a self- contained process
      • Survey location, things which are cleaned as customers’ requirements
      • Implement the right procession while cleaning such as: get wet towels before cleaning, tidying, collecting garbage can, tidying up beside to into housing, up and down cleaning.
      • Conduct confirmation strictly before transferring house for hostesses, partners, and customers

Apply on above standards into reality projects, Hoan Viet completed successful transaction and have a lot of experiences for a long time to follow steps of the Hygiene service as customers’ requirements though out cleaning floors, carpets and sofa, cleaning glass of windows, toilets, and tidying up office equipment.



               CLEANING FLOOR (Unit: m2)

      • Cleaning ceramic, Chinese bricks
      • Cleaning and making shiny bricks
      • Cleaning and making shiny Marble bricks, and Granite
      • Cleaning and making shiny The Grindstone stairs

               CLEANING CARPETS & SOFA (Unit: m2, pc)

      • Cleaning and drying carpets
      • Cleaning and drying sofa
      • Cleaning and drying swivel chairs

               CLEANING GLASS OF WINDOWS (Unit: m2)

      • Tidying up buildings’ windows
      • Tidying up glass’s windows by aluminium
      • Tidying up glass doors in the halls, lobbies

               CLEANING TOILETS (Unit: room)

               CLEANING OFFICE EQUIPMENT(Unit: machine)

      • Cleaning outside computers, photocopies, and air-conditioners
      • Cleaning and making shiny working desks, wooden chairs


Go together with each stage of the Hygiene service, Hoan Viet also supplies the periodical cleaning and daily cleaning (Tealady) in Buildings, offices, factories, hospitals, schools, industrial zones, private houses, villas...

  • Cleaning, maintaining periodical offices:

Cleaning demand in the offices is various today. It requires flexibility, profession, fast, and clean. Cleaning in office which helps you to share human resource – management, and tool fees as chemical, attritional machine and it is the most important in security.

    • The ceiling: cleaning dusty and the cobwebs, cleaning lights, other things on the ceiling
    • The wall: cleaning on the wall and foot of the wall.
    • Cleaning wooden doors, glass doors - windows
    • The brick floors: Cleaning floor by machine and collecting garbage can.
    • The stairs: cleaning steps, cleaning banister along the stairs, and firefighting equipment.
    • The elevators: cleaning inside and outside the elevators
    • Toilettes: Cleaning mirrors, floor, wall, fans, doors and windows in toilet by cleaning floor machine and deodorize toilets.
    • The stationery: cleaning desks, shelves, office equipment (if any).
  • Daily cleaning (Tealady)
  1. Tealady service in the hospitals:
    • Cleaning outside hospitals: sidewalks, yards, around areas in the hospitals
    • Cleaning inside hospitals: seating, stairs, elevators, departments in the hospitals.
  2. Tealady service in the kindergartens, studying centers, and schools: included cleaning school yards, departments, classes, catteries, entertainment rooms.
  3. Tealady service in the factories, showrooms: cleaning outside and inside the factories , showrooms
  4. Tealady service in the stations, airports: Cleaning outside stations, seating, ticket areas
  •  Cleaning Private Houses:

There are many things to make your house to be dangerous for your health. Looking around your kitchen, then you feel awful because of the amount of chemicals, dirty can be the issues of Respiration and Allergies. However, you can improve your house’s quality though simple changes with some benefits and differences:  

  • Professional and flexible staff
  • Using modern equipment
  • Using dedicated chemicals friendly to environment
  • Providing whenever and wherever
  • Diversity of dates and hours
  • Saving time
  • Perfect quality and long term maintenance


  •  Cleaning Villas: Each villa is a different design as hobby of each family. Diversities of design and decoration make cleaning Villas to be more careful with each professional structure, especially Villas’ things are made by rock and wood.



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