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In the events are such as seminars, meetings, conferences, courses, it is the most important for the break-time. This is time which people communicate with each other to make be new friends in the events and meetings.

Tea-bread party can schedule for beginning and middle the Events to server participants. The Foods and Drinks are such as: Coffee and Tea, Juice, Cakes, and Fruits, etc., which bring feeling comfortable, and fresh in the break-time at conferences, or relaxing by cup of milk coffee or cup of tea before beginning the Event with enjoying cakes, and fresh fruits.

Tea-break for Events is small detail, not inexpensive to process, but it shows expectation and interesting in participants, they keep good appearance for your enterprise, organization, or individuals. At the same time, you make friendly environment to communicate together.

Actually, Hoan Viet has organized Tea-break parties from 2011 to until now such as: Cakes Party, Light Meals, Figures Party, Fruits Days for Events, Conferences, Courses,  Children Party, Seminars, etc.,

We bring other options to be suitable on each Event, Conference in Tea-break service to you to save money and time working.

  1. Tea-break all day with lunch
    • In the morning: Breakfast, drinks, and fruits.
    • In the afternoon: Lunch, mineral water or lemon tea or coffee.
  2. Tea-break all day without lunch (Unit: Person):
    • In the morning: Breakfast, mineral water or lemon tea or coffee.
    • In the afternoon: Fruits and drinks.
  3. Tea-break half day with lunch (Unit: Person): Delivery time depends on your requirement which it is included: Lunch, Cakes, drinks (mineral water or lemon tea or coffee).
  4. Tea-break half day without lunch (Unit: Person): Delivery time depends on your requirement which it is included: Cakes, drinks (mineral water or lemon tea or coffee).
  5. Lunch (Unit: Person): Lunch, drinks (mineral water or lemon tea or coffee).
  6. Mineral water (Unit: Bottle and Pot) 350ml, 500ml, 19L for Events and Officers.

Follow the best choices for you, Hoan Viet chooses and severs foods, and drinks which is suitable on location and schedule as your requests.

  • Foods:

+Cakes: Kinds of cakes for Tea-break from famous bakery such as: Givral, Tous Les Jous, Break Talk, Brodard, Paris Baguette, and some cakes which are made in Hoan Viet.





+Menu’s foods are Vietnamese foods, and European foods, and Asian foods such as: pizza hamburger, sushi, Kimbap, Spaghetti, pork rolls, pork and shrimp rolls, other rolls and fast foods.

The Favorite noshion Foods of officer staff



The Foods of Tea-break





  • Drinks and Fruits:

+Drinks: Kinds of drinks as Fruit juice, coffee, milk and tea, etc., are specific options which are suitable for audiences.


+Fruits: Seasonal fruits are saving, fresh to be suitable demands for each party.



We have had partners and VIP organizations who believe on our supplying competence and our prestige though good quality our service with slogan 3S: “Safety - Food Safety - Saving”.





Special pictures in Children's Party 1-6 for VIP customres at The Offices 











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